Managing your calendar driving you crazy?

Let Rhonda handle your scheduling problems & more—she's the saner, automatic & organized way to schedule and manage your meetings.

Get notified when Rhonda's ready.

Here's how Rhonda works

After connecting your calendar and setting a few basic settings simply use your favorite SMS app to communicate with her.
Smart Invites

At Rhonda's core is the smart invite, it handles the normal back and forth of scheduling a meeting without actually any back and forth. Here's how:

You connect your calendar and send your first smart invite.

Rhonda sends an email or text message to the person you’re scheduling the meeting with.

The invitee connects their calendar. *

Rhonda scans both calendars and finds the best possible time for the meeting. (Based on a few presets you control, she can even buffer time between meetings)

* If the person you're meeting with doesn't connect their calendar Rhonda finds the 3 best available spots on your calendar (based on your presets) for the invitee to select.

Here's how you interact with Rhonda

Schedule meetings

It couldn't be simpler to get Rhonda to schedule a meeting, it's as easy as asking her. Use the person's email address or phone number and Rhonda will do all the work, letting you know once it's all set.

Set Reminders

Rhonda can also send you reminders, whether you want to be reminded before a specific meeting, to remember to pick up milk, or anything else you don't want to forget, it's as simple as asking her.

Get Your Next Meeting

Want to know when your next meeting is, who it's with and where? No problem, just ask Rhonda.


When you sign up for Rhonda you tell her which calendar to use, if you want to leave space between meeting, or only schedule meetings on specific days between specific times—you're in control.